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Honeybee - RECEPTION

Welcome to Honeybee Class Page!

Meet the team: 

Mrs Lawrence
Honeybee Class Teacher
Mrs K Porter
Teaching Assistant










Recently we have been thinking about our topic - growing! The Honeybees have been planting sunflower seeds, looking at what foods we can grow, observing the changes of our very own caterpillars and reading some of our favourite stories such as 'Jack and the Beanstalk' and 'The Hungry Caterpillar'. 


Easter Fun!

We have been having lots of Easter fun in class by making chicks in the creative area, making Easter egg nest cakes, writing about the Easter story and thinking about what Easter means. 


Mothers Day Stay and Play

Thank you to everyone that came to our Mothers day stay and play. We hope you enjoyed our performance of 'True Colours' and well done to the Honeybees for singing so beautifully!



The children have been telling us all about their snow day last week! It sounds like the Honeybees all had great fun! 

Thank you to everyone who came to our stay and play and celebrated the Chinese New Year with us. The children had a brilliant time trying new foods, playing with their visitors and sharing all their learning. 



This week the RSPB came into school and talked to us in assembly about different kinds of birds and which ones we might be able to see in our school grounds. We then went outside with binoculars and looked for some of these birds! We used our listening skills to listen very carefully and our careful watching eyes to spot any birds.



The children have been focusing on a taking on a role this week. We have been dressing up and have been continuing to use our ideas about people who help us. 

"I am a police person getting the bad people!"

"The colours on the top are fireman colours!" 



This week we have been thinking about the doctors and how they help people. This has led us to thinking about all different types of occupations that involve people helping others. The children have also been thinking about families and how they help us. Well done Honeybees for their approach to exploring and understanding our world! 



The children have come back to school full of energy and ready to learn! We have been thinking about people who help us and the children have told us what they would like to explore this half term:

"Firemen because they save people!"

"The police ... who do they help?"

"Teachers .... they help us learn!"



We have a wonderful and extremely busy week with all of our nativity performances, a Christmas lunch and a pantomime trip! The Honeybees have represented the school beautifully on our first school trip and we couldn't prouder. They should also be very proud of their nativity performance - 'Busy Busy Bethlehem' it was a joy to watch! To continue the Christmas celebrations we had our Christmas lunch this week and we all enjoyed singing to the Christmas songs, eating the delicious food and wearing our party hats! The children are now eating more independently and using their knife and fork to cut their food, giving them a great sense of an 'l can do it' attitude and strengthening their 'writing muscles'. We have also set ourselves the challenge of reading words that have been written on our fruit before eating them at the snack station! Well done Honeybees! 

Fred talking our sounds to blend and read a word.


Enjoying Christmas lunch! 



The children have been busy learning all about 'The Jolly Christmas Postman' and have been using our jolly postbox in class to send Christmas cards to each other! They have also been busy preparing Christmas decorations. We have now decorated our classroom with the Honeybee's beautiful designs of snowflakes, Christmas trees and paper chains. 

Image result for the jolly christmas postman



We have been looking at animals that hibernate this week and the children have enjoyed using their sounds to write about all the animals. We have continued to think about shape, space and measure when playing a hiding game! The children were fantastic at helping Mrs Lawrence find the animals by using positional language. 

We have been busy practising for our nativity too and we hope to see you at our performance on Friday 14th December. 



This week we have been thinking about 2D shapes and using them in our every day play. We have been looking for shapes everywhere we go - why not try at home and see how many shapes we know! We have even discovered we can make shapes in PE! 



We had a very exciting week with our visitor Percy the Park Keeper popping in to say hello and answer some questions the children had prepared.  We were very proud of how polite and inquisitive the children were asking many questions such as;

"How do you build so many things?"

"What happened to the golden treasure?"

"What tools do you need?"

We then ended the week with a brilliant day of fundraising for Pudsey! Well done everyone for making such a great effort to wear spotty clothes and raise money for Children In Need. 



The children have been in Percy's shed this week! We have been thinking about how we can help Percy estimate how many vegetables he has and then check by touch counting, how we can help fix his tools and how we can build and create dens for all the animals in his park! 

"Fixing Percy's shed!"



This week the children have returned full of energy and ready to learn all about Autumn and our new topic Percy the Park Keeper.  The children have particularly enjoyed creating pictures and maps of our 'welly-walk'. 



Wow! Well done Honeybees for such a great first half term! Everyone has been Honeybee of the day because they have all been such wonderful Honeybees! Keep looking for sounds and numbers everywhere you go during the half term and have fun! Below is a photo of the fun we have had in class ...

"Building, reading and telling stories in the book corner and gonoodle!"



We have had a fantastic week thinking about our houses and 'The Three Little Pigs'. The children have also enjoyed PE in the hall with all the equipment! Well done Honeybees for being so active! 





This week we have been thinking about our senses! We have had a busy week smelling, tasting, touching, listening and seeing. The Honeybees have also had visitors from the school nurse and an optician. Well done Honeybees for such a busy week of using your senses! 

"We are at the opticians!"


The school nurse visits the Honeybees and Ladybirds! 



The children have had a wonderful first month at school. We have learnt many new sounds through 'Read Write Inc' and we have been thinking about 'Marvellous Me'.  So far we have been looking at our families through the story of 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears'.  We have been sharing the story through many activities and the children have really enjoyed being so creative!


Our First Week  

The children have had a fantastic first week! They have settled in beautifully and we have learnt all about our new school!  We have started learning phonics, had our first PE lesson, discovered what we have in our classroom during exploring time and we have started eating our delicious lunches with the rest of the school.  We are all very proud of how well the children have adapted to school life... let the fun, learning journey continue!