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Kestrel​ - YEAR 6

Welcome to Kestrel 2018 - 2019 - it's going to be a great year!


Meet the Team!

Mrs C Hancock
Class Teacher
Mrs H Talbot
Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Blake
Maths Specialist TA








Kestrel 2018-2019

Kestrels are off to a flying start!  Over the summer the children researched the topic of Victorian Inventions for Autumn topic on the Industrial Revolution.  The Victorian period saw many major developments that made travel, communications and trade easier for many people. The railways allowed people to travel cheaply and rapidly, opening up new possibilities for both rich and poor. The postal service expanded after the introduction of the 'Penny Post'.  Many of the things we take for granted today, such as photography, telephones, electric light bulbs and cars were invented during Queen Victoria's reign. We were amazed and astounded at the variety and quality of projects that were brought in: homemade sweets and Victoria Sponge cakes; a hand-sewn corset; models of Penny Farthings, telephones, and cameras; Powerpoints and posters on Morse Code, the first automobile and the life of Queen Victoria!  Well done Kestrels - our corridor display looks fantastic!