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Merlin - YEAR 6

Home Learning will now be posted on these tabs until 26th June 2020  --------------------------->


NOTE: From Week Beginning 29th June 2020-

All Home-learning will be found on the link below. 




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(If link not working- To get to the page go to- Homepage- Learning-Curriculum-- Home-learning-English Home-learning- Week Beg....planning) 

Merlin 2019-2020

Meet the Team!

Mr P Burton
Class Teacher
Mrs J Blake
Specialist Maths TA
Mr A Spence









Hi Year 6,

We hope you are all well and you received the messages about sending in your photos of you and your memories of LMPS!  We've had a few in but we need lots more to make a great video.  You only need to write down on a piece of A4 paper what your favourite memory is of your time at LMPS and have someone take a photo and then email it to us!   

We're also hearing about how many of you have had (or will have) a chance to visit your secondary school for a transition assembly.  In addition to this, we thought you might like to download the booklet that is at the bottom of this page and work through it with your family to help you make the ‘jump’ to Year 7.  There's some great ideas in there to help you to feel ready and relaxed about September! 

Take care and let us know how you get on!

The Year 6 Team


Hello Merlin, 

Welcome back...I hope you have had a lovely break over half term and enjoyed the beautiful sunny weather. 

Home learning will now be set in the side tabs: English, Maths and Foundation Home Learning.  You may also notice that all the work is set for the whole week on a Monday. This will let you see what work you'll have all week, so you can plan your time. 

I would still love to see all the fabulous work you are doing so make sure you get an adult to email it to me at . I will try and email back as soon as possible and then you might see your work below in our class gallery. 

Mr Burton.

Staff Toilet-roll Challenge

Have you watched the staff's video on Youtube?  We all miss you very much.  If you enjoy watching the video with your families- please ask your parents if they have a spare few pennies to give to Lytchett Matravers Angels (who support people who need some support during this difficult time).



Below you will find a wonderful collection of amazing work your parent's have kindly emailed to me using the address Thank you to all those who have already sent me work. I really enjoy being able to read and share it and look forward to seeing (and sharing on here) loads more so please continue to send it across to me. 

Anyway, enough from me. Please enjoy looking at the wonderful collection of work below:



An Awesome Boom Box:

It works by tiny built in speakers that are stored which send vibrations in all directions. When you slot the phone into the boom box the sound waves bounce off inside of the cardboard tube and into the cups. The paper towels inside the cups stop the higher-pitched sounds but not the lower-pitched ones. Thus makes a clearer, warmer sound.

Follow this YouTube link to watch this awesome boom box in action: 











An excellent plan, produced in collaboration over the internet - nice one!













Note: The excellent videos I was sent are now at the bottom of this collection of work, due to boring formatting issues! They are excellent though and if you haven't seen them please do!





























Top Quality Reading Comprehension Answers.


I am really looking forward to the next book now!



Thursday 23rd April

Good morning, 

To put a smile on our faces this morning I would like to start by sharing this brilliant English work. I know my favourite sentence, which is yours? (Well done, this is great and thank you for emailing it to