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Puffin - YEAR 4



Welcome to Puffin Class 2016/17



Water Cycle Drama

This term, we have been learning about the different states of matter in Science. Today, we applied our understanding of the processes of evaporation and condensation to the water cycle, and we used drama to show this happening. I was really impressed by the different ways that the groups chose to demonstrate the different stages in the cycle, and their excellent understanding. Well done Puffins!


Year 3/4 transition task

A huge thank you to the children for creating posters and writing messages to the new Puffins to help with their transition into Year 4. I know that a lot of care and effort went into them, and that the Year 3s really appreciated hearing about Year 4 from children who had just been through the experiences I was describing.


Rainforest paintings

As part of our Rainforests topic, we have studied the work of Haitian artist Pierro Maxo, and tried to imitate his colourful style of painting in our own art. When the children had finished their paintings, they enjoyed making a 'walking gallery', where they had the opportunity to walk round the classroom and leave comments about each other's paintings.



Deforestation debate

In our recent Topic lessons, we have been studying deforestation and its impact.

As a link to this, we conducted a debate in our English lessons where the children took on various roles: tribes people, representatives of the logging company, people living in the UK and the World Wildlife Fund. The children presented their arguments confidently, asked each other sensible (and sometimes tricky!) questions, and overall really impressed me by their maturity and their passion!

Well done Puffins. I think we have some budding politicians in our class!





'Child of Hope' workshop

Today, we were very lucky to be visited by two representatives of the 'Child of Hope' charity. Bex and Moses did an assembly for the whole school, and then a workshop with Year 4. We played a game all about making a cup of tea, and we discussed the differences between completing this task in the UK and in Uganda. Then, we had the chance to ask Moses about what it was like to grow up in Uganda. The children asked some great questions, including what sort of jobs he had to do as a child, what he learned about in school, and whether he enjoyed going to school.

Well done Year 4 for approaching the tasks so sensibly and getting involved in the workshops!



This term, we have really enojyed studying Atheltics in PE. Have a look at us in action!



'Running Wild'


To link to our Rainforests topic, we have started to read 'Running Wild' by Michael Morpurgo in our English lessons. This is a jungle adventure, all about Will's attempt to survive in Indonesia after the elephant he is riding runs deep into the rainforest. We are really enjoying what we have read so far, although (in typical Michael Morpurgo fashion!) there have been some sad elements to the story.

Here are some of our reviews:

Leon - 'This is an interesting book and it makes me want to keep reading. I think I could read the whole thing in a day!'

Ava - 'It's quite nerve-wracking, as we don't know where the elephant is taking Will and what will happen to all of the characters.'

James even had a mesage for Mr Morpurgo! - 'Your books are epic but this is a particularly good one. I want to keep reading and find out what happens.'

We will tell you more about the book as we read it!



Our new topics

This term, we are learning all about the rainforest!

We have also started athletics in PE, and had a great time having a go at the high jump. Some children managed to jump over the bar when it was at a height of 90cm!

Also, in science, we have enjoyed exploring lots of different materials as part of our solids, liquids and gases topic.















Egyptian Exhibition

Thank you so much to all of the parents who came in to our Egyptian Exhibition. The children really enjoyed celebrating their learning by showing off their dances, their projects and their work, and they definitely enjoyed getting their parents up to have a go at the 'Walk Like an Egyptian' dance! We're really proud of how hard the children have worked during this topic, and they have really enjoyed learning about the Ancient Egyptians.


















Life Education Van

We enjoyed our session in the Life Education Van this morning. We learned lots about the circulatory system and the respiratory system using Tam the interactive model, and explored the effect that the food we eat, smoking and drinking alcohol can have on our bodies. We also discussed having healthy friendships, and how it's OK to make different choices to our friends.

I was very impressed by how engaged and interested the children were, and how much they knew about keeping themselves healthy.




Egyptian Projects

Wow - the Puffins have produced some brilliant projects as part of our Egyptian topic! I'm so impressed by the effort, the attention to detail and the creativity which has been put into these. Thank you to eveyone at home for your support.

We enjoyed looking at and discussing them on Friday afternoon, and can't wait to show them off to the parents at our exhibition on Monday 3rd April.



World Maths Day

Puffins have enjoyed doing lots of fun maths activities, games and challenges throughout a wizard themed World Maths Day. We competed in teams in a cauldron competition, enjoyed a very active 'Quidditch quiz quest' in the hall, and also made our own board games. We then shared these with children from Year 3. Have a look at us in action!




The 'Mummy Challenge!'


In our topic lessons we are learning all about the process of mummification. We thought it would be fun to have a go ourselves!











World Book Day

Wow! What a fantastic effort made by Puffins for World Book Day! We hope you enjoyed dressing up as your favourite characters, and spending the day celebrating reading.













Library Visit

We enjoyed visiting our local library this week.


Boat Trip Around Poole Harbour

Thank you so much to all of the staff and volunteers who made our trip possible - we had a brilliant time! Read Henry's recount to hear all about what we did:

On Friday 24th February, we went on an amazing boat trip with our class.  First, we came into school, then when we came into the classroom and Miss Meacher told us what groups we were going to be in.

Then we got on the coach and I sat next to one of my best friends.

When we got there, we saw a big yellow boat.  In fact, that was the one we were going on!  Before we knew it, we were off!  We saw lots of different birds on the way, including birds we hadn't even seen before.  It was such an amazing sight.  I was very excited but also cold.

Soon, the teacher called us downstairs to eat our snack. After that, we started to go to shore. When we got back, we got on the coach and went to school. I had a great time.



'Walk like an Egyptian' Day

What an amazing way to end our half-term!

Year 4 had a brilliant day rehearsing and then performing a play, 'Ancient Egypt: History's Mystery', with the help of Ben from the Treehouse Theatre company. 

The performances were brilliant, as were the outfits on display!

We hope the children enjoyed the day as much as the staff did.













Puffins' PE

Have a look at everything we've been doing in PE this half-term!



Outstanding Orienteers

This term, we are learning a new sport in PE - orienteering! In our first lesson, we enjoyed interpreting maps and using the symbols to create funny faces on the playground, and in our second lesson, the children were challenged to simulate their own leg of an orienteering race. They created some brilliant obstacle courses, and one team was awarded our 'Proud Puffin' award for their excellent teamwork - have a look at our 'Proud Puffins' page for their team photo!


Maths Treasure Hunt!

This week in maths, Puffins have been working on their multiplication skills.  

Today, they practised multiplying three numbers together by completing a treasure hunt around the classroom.  I was so impressed by how engaged they were, and how much their confidence at using this method has improved throughout the week.

Keep up the good work!


'Walk like an Eygptian'

Welcome back Puffins, and we hope you had a lovely Christmas break! 

This term, our new topic is all about the Egyptians. 

So far, we have enjoyed writing our names using hieroglyphs and making pyramids with questions that we would like to research during the term.  We also have lots of exciting things to look forward to, including finding out about mummification, a visit from the Treehouse Theatre group and an Ancient Egyptian exhibition!


DT Sewing Project

Thank you so much to the parents who came in to help with our DT projects - the extra pairs of hands were very much appreciated!

We were very impressed with how hard the children worked on their sewing, particularly because it was a new experience for many of them, and how they persevered even when they found some of the skills difficult. Well done Puffins!

We also enjoyed going to Swan classroom, and using a 'walking gallery' to look at their finished purses. There were some impressive designs, and some very neat examples of sewing. Well done Swans!



Roman Mosaics

As part of our Romans topic, we designed and created our own mosaics. We first had to find out why and how the Romans made mosaics, before trying to make our own on a computer progamme and then using coloured paper. Have a look at our wonderful work below!



Anti-bullying Workshop

During anti-bullying week, the Dorset Safe Schools and Communities team visited us. We discussed happy friendships, and explored how sometimes the behaviour of friends can make us feel sad and what we can do about this. The theme of anti-bullying week across the country was 'Power for Good', and we decided as a year group that we would use our power for good to stamp out bullying in our school.


Leeson House

Year 4 had a fantastic time on our residential trip to Leeson House, in Swanage. It was action-packed, including listening to wildlife on a night walk, pond-dipping, orienteering and team-building games. We also walked along the beautiful Jurassic Coast, and explored the village of Worth Matravers.  

Have a look at all of our photos on our sub-page to the right, entitled "Leeson House" - coming soon!


'Meet the Teachers'

On Wednesday 14th September our parents came in to 'Meet our Teachers'.        Afterwards they came into our classroom and helped us to design our Roman Shields!



Welcome Back!

We hope you've all had a great summer and are looking forward to an exciting year!
Miss Meacher and Mrs Porter

Meet the Team!

Miss R Meacher
Class Teacher
Mrs K Porter
Teaching Assistant