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Celebrating Shakespeare

From the 20th-24th March, it was National Shakespeare Week. Schools and organisations across the country took part in different activities and events to celebrate this great writer.  

At LMPS, Year 6 studied this writer extraordinaire and created colourful posters for the local library to display.  On Monday 20th March, the children went to the library to attend a special Shakespeare workshop. When year 6 piled in they were given the task to answer questions about Shakespeare. These questions included: When was Shakespeare born? , Where was he born? , What job did his father do? Including many more.

Next, Year 6 had lots of fun insulting and complementing other people with Shakespeare’s insults and complements. Many of the insults went like this: Thou lumpish hedge pig rabbit-sucker. A great example of a compliment was: Thou rare honey-tongued wafer-cake.

The workshop ended with a performance by the Lytchett Players, who acted out the scene from Macbeth where he met the witches.

All in all, it was a great morning and set us up to continue to learn and write about the play, Macbeth.   

By Bertie D

Year 6 Pupil