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I'm NOT Eating that...

Having worked extremely hard to smash their SATs the children of Year 6 found themselves in another survival situation when returning to school the week after their tests…

An earthquake have devastated LMPS and it was up to the children to survive… (Don’t worry an earthquake hit didn’t actually hit our school - although pretending it did certainly made for an interesting week!)

During a fun-filled week the children: built shelters, some of which actually remained standing and nearly watertight during the storms of that week; created stunningly beautiful silk art; started fires (don’t worry, Mr France knew about this…he was there!); wrote and performed disaster drama; killed many of the teachers in their own earthquake stories and even ate bugs – yep real ones!

At the end of this fun and learning filled week all of the children agreed that surviving is hard work – although compared to the SATs tests an earthquake really isn’t that bad!

Mr Burton

Year 5/6 Leader