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Year 5 Meet Author Beverly Naidoo!

On Wednesday the 4thof July 2018, Year 5 went to Lytchett Minster School to meet the author Beverly Naidoo. We had been reading one of her books (Journey to Jo’berg) and went to find out more about her and her books. 

Firstly, we got on the coach to travel there. The coach was exceptionally posh and we were allowed to choose who we sat next to. Once we had arrived, we walked over to the theatre. The seats there were extremely comfortable and soft. 

Beverly started off by letting us go and buy some of her books (if we had brought money with us). There was Journey to Jo’berg, The Other Side of Truth, Cinderella of the Nile, Burn My Heart and many more. Then we were told to sit back down in our seats.

Ms Naidoo then did a presentation about her books and how she grew up. All of her books are set in Africa and the apartheid because when she published them she wanted to tell people that the apartheid was wrong and that people should stand against it. 

After the speech, Beverly sat at a table and we went up to her, one at a time, for her to sign our books. She was very kind and polite to everyone, and everyone enjoyed themselves. 

“I loved the Beverly Naidoo trip and will remember it forever.” This is a quote from Phoebe Sutton in Buzzard class.


By Charlotte and Amelia Year 5