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Cross Country Team Fly

This Autumn, some children were very lucky to attend a series of cross country races. Mr Noyce, Mrs. Markham and Mrs. Winkworth kindly accompanied us to these races. They not only accompanied us, they cheered us on enthusiastically.

We would run our races, then get handed a ticket with our place on. It would feel very rewarding when you beat your previous place. You would then hand your ticket to Mrs. Markham and she would add up our scores to give us the total. The girls and boys got low totals (which was amazing!).

The people who took part were, Yr5 Girls- Matilda, Myla, Jasmin, Naomi and Lorena. Yr5 Boys- Sebastian, Fletcher, Leo, Davie, Billy and Ben. Yr6 Girls- Martha, Teagan-maria, Jessica, Maddie, Charlotte and Rebekka. Yr6 Boys- Owain and Noah.  

Teagan-maria told me, “It was really fun and a good experience!” 

Another runner, Jessica quoted, “I love it because it helps me improve my speed.”

Owain said, “It was really good fun, apart from the mud!”

Maddie told me, “I loved the Ferndown run because it was my best one.”

And there you have it, keen runners achieving their goals.

By Martha

Year 6