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A Brilliant Day

On Monday 28th of September, LMPS welcomed Will from the Art of Being Brilliant. He whisked pupils on a journey of positivity, where they began to understand how to increase their level of happiness.

Will, from The Art of Being Brilliant, raised the level of happiness, confidence and resilience of every child in the school. Through his incredibly positive talks to the children, he embedded positive thinking and positive self talk.

One of the main aims of the talks is to help children begin to take personal responsibility for their thoughts, actions, behaviour and their learning (e.g. they motivate themselves rather than be motivated by teachers and parents).

A Year 5 child commented: "I enjoyed listening to Will. I now know it is good to make mistakes because I learn from them and I become more resilient."

A Year 3 child commented: "I need to set myself goals and then take small steps to make my goal happen."

All children in years 3, 4, 5 and 6 benefited from spending an hour in Will's extremely positive company.