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LMPS School Bank!

LMPS School Bank – A Professional Team to help you look after your money...

On behalf of everyone involved in the LMPS School Bank I would like to thank the children who have recently taken up their roles within the school bank team.

Each of the members of this excellent team has earned their responsibilities after working hard to complete an extremely realistic job application process. First the candidates had to complete an initial application form, before being invited for a formal interview. Both during and after these interviews the entire panel were left staggered by the professionalism and excellent qualities each and every one of the candidates showed and discussed. Maybe Lord Sugar should be looking at LMPS for his next business partner!

Congratulations to all of the successful candidates and well done for all of your hard work so far in launching and running the LMPS School Bank.

The highly professional and extremely friendly LMPS School Bank Team look forward to helping you with all your pocket money saving needs.

Mr Burton

Year 5/6 Leader