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Ethos & Values

"Strive to achieve, learn to dream, shape tomorrow."


Lytchett Matravers Primary School is a school where there are high expectations of excellence, where all individuals are valued, achievements celebrated and where children are happy and safe.
This is in accordance with Article 29 of the UN Convention of the Rights of a Child: 'All children have the right to be the best they can be."
Our core values for learning, Respect, Honesty and Resilience, promote children that will… 
  • be respectful, honest and resilient.
  • be happy and secure.
  • be inspired, enthusiastic and highly motivated to learn.
  • demonstrate positive attitudes and behaviours characterised by high self-esteem.
  • develop the independence, responsibility and skills to become well-rounded citizens of the 21st Century, preparing young people for life in modern Britain.
  • be high achieving learners – making excellent progress in relation to their prior attainment.
  • there is a culture of inclusion, enabling the participation and involvement of all.
  • there is an environment of opportunity engendering a sense of pride, ownership, responsibility and identity.
  • there are caring relationships where children and adults are valued as individuals.
  • diversity is celebrated and respected.
  • stereotypes are challenged.
  • we value open and effective communication and consultation.
  • we value fairness, honesty and integrity.
  • we believe practice can always be improved, and maintain an open dialogue about how children learn and what is important for them.
  • we value learning and development of pupils, staff, volunteers and our whole school community.
  • we learn from each other.
  • we continually reflect, evaluate and challenge our existing beliefs.


  • create an inclusive, vibrant and engaging learning environment.  
  • have a secure subject knowledge of the curriculum.
  • employ inspirational teaching strategies that ensure learning is relevant, creative, challenging, participative and enjoyable for all.
  • plan and assess effectively, in a variety of ways to cater for all learning needs.
  • set high expectations that challenge every ability and pace lessons appropriately.
  • provide a rich, stimulating and balanced curriculum that prepares young people for life in modern Britain.
  • encourage children to be independent, solve problems, take risks and be creative.
  • employ positive reinforcement and celebrate achievement.
  • work closely in partnership with parents in order to move learning forward.
  • consistently hold high professional expectations.
  • celebrate the achievements of all.