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Honeybee - RECEPTION

Welcome to Honeybee Class Page!

Meet the team: 

Mrs Lawrence
Class Teacher
Mrs R Jones
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Ms Hammett
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Home Learning - please scroll down for latest news. 

We have moved the Home Learning introduction, learning in the EYFS and general ideas to the tab at the side of the page. Please refer to this for further ideas of activities you could do at home,  if you so wish! 

We have also put a tab with links to supporting websites for Home Learning. Great news - the Ruth Miskin YouTube channel is starting daily Phonics sessions again from Monday 20th April! If you also want to take part in more Maths activities, the White Rose Maths Hub have home learning daily sessions for the EYFS, these are lovely videos with fun activities you can do. We might refer to some of them in our own videos as we move forward. For links to both Read Write Inc and White Rose, please see the Home Learning supporting website tab. 


Friday 22nd May. 

I can’t believe it is Friday already! It doesn’t seem that long ago that we started looking at growing after Easter and we put photos on of all the staff to say hi! Has it gone quickly for you? We hope you are all OK. If we were at school, we would be breaking up for half term, so this is the last day of home learning for the week.

Today, thinking about time, we want you to look at and talk about a clock face! Telling the time using o’clock and so on, isn’t a focus until Year 1, but we thought as you have been looking at sequencing events and talking about the time of day you do them, it would be good for you to look at a clock face (analogue face) with your grown ups. Look at the numbers around the clock face – can you say them out loud? What shape is the clock face? You could talk about the hands on the clock face and watch the hands as you time a minute, then 5 minutes. Look at what happens to the hands, thinking about where they point and see if you can talk about o’clock. We are not expecting you to tell the time, but this activity can give you some time to talk about a clock, please do what you are happy to.

Clock link: 

In writing, we would like to think about what you want to do when you grow up! Mrs Lawrence has written the words that need to go in your sentence but it is your job today to order them, use a capital letter, finger spaces and a full stop. Remember to use your sounds to write what you want to be! However, remember what you want to be doesn’t have to be a job! You may want to be happy (or h a p ee), helpful or fun! We can’t wait to see your answers and all the red, tricky words in your sentence.

When I grow up link: 

We hope you all have a break this half term – hopefully the sun will keep shining. We would like to say a big well done and let you know how proud we are of you all, for everything you have been doing at home since this all began. From practising reading, learning new sounds, practising to count, colouring and making, learning to ride your bike or scooter, baking, growing your own flowers and plants, jumping so high on your trampoline, dancing around your lounge...the list is endless!! We miss you all lots, take care and keep smiling. Love Mrs Foster, Mrs Lawrence, Mrs Leigertwood, Mrs Coombs, Mrs Porter, Mrs Jones and Ms Hammett xxxx


Thursday 21st May.

Good morning Honeybees and Ladybirds! How are you all today? It was super hot yesterday, I hope you all enjoyed the sunshine?

As we have been looking at growing and how you have changed, we have found some songs you could learn about growing up! They are to tunes you hopefully know, we’ve had a go at learning them at home too! The songs are at the bottom of the page – it’s quite a scroll down now! You could also spend time teaching your grown ups the songs we learn in school, like our days of the week song!

It would also be good if you could spend some time working on your cutting today!!! If you have child scissors you could spend some time practising cutting paper – at home I have used this troll activity below with Kasper, we gave the trolls a haircut using the scissors, it was really fun! Grown ups – be there to help them if needed, cutting can be tricky!


Don’t forget there are lots of online resources you could also look at – Read Write Inc phonics lessons, White Rose maths videos and activities, Reading eggs…plus more.

Have a great day, whatever you do! Love from Mrs Foster, Mrs Lawrence, Mrs Leigertwood, Mrs Coombs, Mrs Porter, Ms Hammett and Mrs Jones xxx


Wednesday 20th May

Hello Honeybees and Ladybirds! Happy Wednesday to you all! 


We have attached some photos below and firstly we would love you to guess who they are? If you are thinking Mrs Lawrence and Mrs Foster you are right! We are going to continue thinking about growing and today we are going to think of how we have grown and changed. Can you look at the photos below and see how Mrs Lawrence and Mrs Foster have changed? What is different? Mrs Lawrence has had a go at writing about how she has changed and we would love you to try the same! Please see the link below for writing. 









Writing - how we have changed:


In maths we are thinking about sequencing our time and week! We would love you to write, draw or discuss about what you would normally do in the week. On Monday you may have swimming lessons, Tuesday may be taco Tuesday dinner at home, Wednesday you might go to dance lessons and Thursday maybe food shop day! See if you can talk about the days of the week and your usual routine, your grown ups can help you write and design a timetable if you wish but there is no pressure to do so! Talking about our time and routines is also a great way to understand and have a sense of a week. Watch Mrs Foster sequence and order her week for some ideas! 

Ordering my week link:


Have fun whatever you do and keep smiling! Lots of love, Mrs Foster, Mrs Lawrence, Mrs Leigertwood, Mrs Coombs, Mrs Porter, Mrs Jones and Ms Hammett xxxx



Tuesday 19th May.

Happy Tuesday morning lovely Honeybees and Ladybirds! I hope you enjoyed the sunshine yesterday? I got the paddling pool out again and got splashed by Kasper and Rudy!!!

Today, Mrs Leigertwood has set you your Wellbeing Challenge Number 3! Watch the video to find out more! We look forward to finding out what you do – remember you can email us with anything you do at home, we love to hear all about it!

Challenge Link:

Also today, if you want to get active, Mrs Lawrence has set another challenge on the PE page! Follow the link, it’s using your press up skills!! Good luck! Let us know how you get on!

Have a lovely day, love from Mrs Foster, Mrs Lawrence, Mrs Leigertwood, Mrs Coombs, Mrs Porter, Mrs Jones, Ms Hammett xxx


Monday 18th May

Hello wonderful Honeybees and Ladybirds! We hope that you have had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed this beautiful sunshine! Have you noticed any changes in the environment with this beautiful weather? We have noticed the days getting longer! Do you think the days are getting longer or is there another reason the nights seem lighter/longer?


We are going to carry on thinking about growing and this week we are going to look at babies and adults. At the bottom of this page is a document called 'Animals and their Off-Spring' (PDF), we would like you to look at it and discuss the animal names for the adult animals and the baby animals. Some questions to discuss could include; What do you think off-spring means? What are we called when we are young? What are we called when we are grown ups? Are there any baby animals that have the same names for when they're young? Have any names surprised you? Your grown up at home will help you read the names and if you would like to look at more animals and their young we have attached a matching game sheets at the bottom too. This can be printed to use or looked at on here and discussed. 


Do you remember when Mrs Lawrence asked you to try and do as many of something as you could in a minute? Do you remember that a minute is a way of measuring time? This week, we are going to be thinking about the topic of ‘time’ again! Today, we want you to think about sequencing events in the right time order. We would like you to think about your routine when you wake up – when you wake up is called the morning. First we want you to order it correctly, thinking about the sequence and seeing if you can remember it – what do you do first? Then, if you want, we want you to talk about when in the day you do these things. Watch Mrs Foster sequence her morning routine for you! Remember, you might not do things in the same order.

Sequencing events link:


We hope you have a good day. Love from Mrs Foster, Mrs Lawrence, Mrs Leigertwood, Mrs Coombs, Mrs Porter, Ms Hammett and Mrs Jones xxxx


Friday 15th May

Happy Friday everyone! Another week has gone and we are missing you more each day! Thank you again for all your lovely messages and learning that you have sent in - it has been really wonderful to see. Another huge thank you to you all for the wonderful cards and poem! It is so thoughtful of you all and it is appreciated more than you know. 

For English today we would like you to finish writing your last set of instructions for how to plant a sunflower seed (please refer to Wednesday's English video and text for the first part of this task). A few examples are set below as to how you may use your sounds to write your sentences. Remember to sound out any word you write unless it is a tricky/red word, the words have been segmented in brackets within the examples below and 'special friends' (two letters/one sound) have been underlined. Please also remember to use a capital letter, finger spaces and full stops, if you can remember the actions to the these maybe you could teach them to your grown up? 

Examples include;

Plays the seed in the soyl. (P l ay s  the s ee d i n the s oy l.)

Cuvir the seed with soyl. (C u v ir the s ee d w i th s oy l.)

Wortir the soyl. (W or t ir the s oy l.)

Don't forget if you have learnt Set 3 sounds you may want to use some different sounds to the set 1 and 2 sounds used above. 

Today we are also going to continue looking at money! We want you to go shopping!! Hopefully after Wednesday you have spent some time looking at different coins and money, and spoken about what the different coins mean.  Now you are going to use these coins to go shopping! First, you will need to find some things to sell in your shop from around your house! Then, you will need to make price labels – watch the video to find out how you write down the price, remember the ‘p’ means pence! If you have real money use that, but otherwise play money is great or you could even make your own coins using paper and write the numbers on them – 1p, 2p, 5p and so on! The main aim of today is to practise recognising and using the coins we looked at on Wednesday, but if you would like a challenge, why not make up some prices that we don’t have coins for, eg: 7p and see if you can use adding of coins to make that amount! For example you could use 5p + 2p, or 2p+2p+2p+1p – there are lots of ways! Remember to only use the coins we have when adding – 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p, 50p, £1, £2. We hope you have lots of fun playing shop! Mrs Foster and Kasper did!

Let’s go shopping maths and money video link:

Have a great day and weekend, whatever you do. 

Love from Mrs Foster, Mrs Lawrence, Mrs Leigertwood, Mrs Coombs, Mrs Jones, Mrs Porter and Ms Hammett xxxx



Thursday 14th May. 

Good morning Ladybirds and Honeybees! We hope that you are all well and smiling! Thank you for sending photos and writing to our class emails, we love hearing about and seeing what you have been up to. Don't forget to check the side tab to see what the rest of your class have been doing too! 

Today, is Wellbeing Challenge Number 2 from Mrs Leigertwood! This week she is asking you to think about something you are proud of yourself for doing. Talk to your grown ups about what the word PROUD means! 

Link to Challenge:

Also, I was singing some songs at home with Kasper and Rudy and it reminded me of being in school with you all! Perhaps you could sing along at home too and show your families! My favourite is Five Little Monkeys Swinging From A Tree! What's yours I wonder?

Have a good day, love from Mrs Foster, Mrs Lawrence, Mrs Leigertwood, Mrs Coombs, Mrs Jones, Mrs Porter and Ms Hammett xxx


Wednesday 13th May 2020

Hello to all Honeybees and Ladybirds! We hope you enjoyed the sunshine yesterday :-) Did you get to have a go at planting a seed? We hope you had fun whatever you did!

Today in maths, we are looking at money! Money is what you use to pay for things and buy them! Mrs Foster shows you the different coins and notes you can use. We would like you to have a look at different coins and notes at home (ask nicely if you can borrow some of your grown ups money to do this!! Or maybe you have your own!). Look closely at the numbers you can see, the size of the coins, the shape and the colour. Talk about them with your grown ups. Can you decide which coin would buy you the most sweets? Is it the biggest sized coin? It would be good to also talk a 5 pence being the same as five 1 pence coins and so on! Have fun exploring money! On Friday, we will be using coins to go shopping! 

Money and coins link:

Today for our writing, we are thinking about instructions! Mrs Lawrence has had a lot of technical problems with her filming so she only managed to film one instruction for writing today! That is OK though as we want you to write the first three instructions using your red/tricky word knowledge and sounds. Remember what we need at the beginning of our sentence, in-between words and at the end of our sentence. 

For adults eyes only - we are asking the children to write the first half of instructions and within this they will be learning a new red/tricky word 'put'. The children can not use their sounds for this due to the 'u' sound in the middle. Please encourage them to recognise letter names when writing red/tricky words as they are not using their sounds. Examples of the first three instructions using red/tricky words they know and sounds could be the following;

Get the pot.

Put the soyl in the pot. (Children may use the correct 'oi' sound if they have learnt set 3, however, 'oy' is still a phonetically plausible spelling for s oy l.) 

Mayk a hole in the sand. 

We are asking children to think about the bossy words and where they go when writing instructions. We would like the children to recognise bossy words are 'doing' words and go at the beginning of a sentence when writing instructions. This is a long task, therefore we will  finish writing the instructions on Friday. The link for the first example of writing an instruction is below:

Instruction writing link:

We hope you all have a lovely day. Love from Mrs Foster, Mrs Lawrence, Mrs Leigertwood, Mrs Coombs, Mrs Jones, Mrs Porter and Ms Hammett xxx


Tuesday 12th May 2020. 

Happy Tuesday lovely Ladybirds and Honeybees! Wasn't it windy yesterday! We hope you all had a good day. 

Hopefully you have had time to listen to the book - How to Grow a Sunflower - in the Story Time area. If you haven't, have a listen. Today, we would like you watch the following video, where Mrs Lawrence plants a sunflower seed! When you watch it with a grown up at home, spend time talking about what she does, the order she does it in and what words she uses. Once you've watched the video, can you tell someone else what they would have to do to plant a sunflower? It would be great if you could tell a member of your family or a friend. Can you remember the right order? What do you do first? Next? What equipment do you need? What words do you use to tell the person what to do?  This is going to help you tomorrow and Friday, when we look at our own instructions to grow a sunflower! Perhaps some of you have planted your own seeds at home, can you talk about what you did? 

How to grow a sunflower link:

Remember, there are fantastic sound videos on the Ruth Miskin Read Write Inc Youtube channel and if you want extra maths there is home learning on the White Rose website. (If you are using the white rose resource, please email Mrs Foster or Mrs Lawrence as the activity sheets linked to videos are no longer free, we can get them for you if needed.)

If you are looking for some fun activities to get moving, please look at the PE area where Mrs Lawrence, Miss West and Mr Noyce has set some PE challenges for the school, if you so wish! 

We hope you all have a lovely day. Love from Mrs Foster, Mrs Lawrence, Mrs Leigertwood, Mrs Coombs, Mrs Jones, Mrs Porter and Ms Hammett xxx



Monday 11th May 2020.

Good morning Ladybirds and Honeybees! We hope you enjoyed the sunshine this weekend…and the wind yesterday! Did any of you celebrate VE day on Friday?

Today in maths we are going to be looking at counting backwards! Have you ever pretended to do a count down from 10 and jump up like a rocket going up in to space? If you haven’t try today! Mrs Lawrence is looking at counting back from 20 and has some fun games you can do to practise this. Counting backwards really makes sure you know your numbers, thinking about what is 1 less. It is important you practise this so you definitely understand the order and not just learn a counting rhyme. You could also think about what we call ‘place value’ – what does the ‘1’ digit mean in 12, 13, 14? It means you have 10!

Counting backwards from 20 link:

Today, Mrs Foster is looking at the alphabet and letter names. We have spent a lot of time learning the letter sounds (don’t forget to check out the Read Write Inc YouTube channel for sound videos today), but letters also have names - just like we do! Watch the video and sing the alphabet song with Mrs Foster! There is a fun activity you can do to practise saying and learning the letter names too. You can also think about something called alphabetical order - if you wanted you could make an alphabet poster for your house! 

Alphabet and letter names link:

Also, here are some links to alphabet songs – enjoy!

For the rest of the week as part of our reading and writing, we are going to look at instructions for how to grow a sunflower. Mrs Foster brought back a book from school that we would usually read as a class, we would love for you to listen to it under the Story Time with your Teachers tab on this page. This will help get the children ready for Wednesday and Friday’s tasks.

Have a lovely day, missing you all lots, love from Mrs Foster, Mrs Lawrence, Mrs Leigertwood, Mrs Coombs, Mrs Jones, Mrs Porter and Ms Hammett xxxx



Happy VE Day!

Happy VE day everyone! We wanted to share with you our at home celebrations .... Mrs Lawrence and her sons had a cream tea picnic on their trampoline and Mrs Foster's sons were very busy decorating Mrs Foster's home with their lovely VE paintings! We hope you have had a wonderful day whatever you have been doing :-). Lots of love from us all xxxx




Update - Thursday 7th May

Hello lovely Honeybees and Ladybirds! We hope you are enjoying this beautiful weather! We just wanted to share with you a fun video that has been made by our wonderful music teacher Miss Wells (please see the link below). Mrs Lawrence wanted to send her personal apologies for not being in the video, she wanted to say hello but at home technology was not on her side! We miss you lots and lots, have fun watching and thank you again to the amazing Miss Wells!


Lots of love Mrs Foster, Mrs Lawrence, Mrs Coombs, Mrs Porter, Mrs Jones, Ms Hammett and Mrs Leigterwood. 


Thursday 7th May.        

Happy Thursday everyone! We hope you all managed to enjoy the sunshine yesterday? It wasn't quite warm enough for the paddling pool (unless you are very brave!) but it was lovely to be outside in the sun!

So, there will be no videos on here tomorrow, that is because it is a bank holiday! Usually this bank holiday is on a Monday, but it was moved this year. Do any of you know why? Friday 8th May is VE day! VE day is where we remember and celebrate the end of World War 2. This Friday is an even more special celebration as it has been 75 years. At the bottom of the page (sorry, quite a scroll down!) I have put a Powerpoint for you to look at if you would like, with your grown ups, which will hopefully explain it to you more. You can then talk about it at home. (I have saved it as a PDF so hopefully everyone can access it.)

People will be celebrating VE day on Friday, maybe having tea parties or a picnic! I've seen bunting and decorations up in windows and around when I went for my walk! I wonder if you have spotted any near you? 

Today, if you would like and your grown ups are happy, we thought you could think about what you would want to create for the celebration tomorrow. Here are some ideas, and there are some more at the bottom of the page too! 

- Baking some cakes, making sandwiches - making anything delicious for a VE day tea party! You could plan a tea party feast to have at your house! 

- Making decorations, such as bunting or flags to put up around your home! Making a VE day sign for a window in your house! 

- Other activities we have found are: Designing a medal to wear, cutting out and folding a plane, colouring a VE day picture. 

Remember you can always look down the page at videos you haven't looked at, carry on with things you have already been doing at home or have a look at the WhiteRose or Read Write Inc videos. We love hearing about what you have been up to. 

We hope you have a great weekend and we will be back on Monday with some more videos! Missing you all lots, keep smiling, love Mrs Foster, Mrs Lawrence, Mrs Leigertwood, Mrs Coombs, Mrs Jones, Mrs Porter and Ms Hammett xxxx


Wednesday 6th May

Good morning Honeybees and Ladybirds! How are we all today? We are hope you are having a lovely week so far. 

Today we have an activity for you to try where we would like you to be explorers and find something that grows outside! Can you draw it, label it and maybe even write a sentence about it? Can you discuss with your adult what grows, how it grows and where? Look at what Mrs Lawrence found in the link below:

Mrs Lawrence's exploring link:

We also have a measuring activity! We want you to measure some different things that grow, this could be plants you are growing, plants you find outside or even, like Mrs Foster, some pictures of sunflowers! Before measuring, you need to find something to measure with, this needs to be the same, so you can count and compare the height of different things. You could use lego, duplo, paper clips, pasta shapes...the list goes on. Try to use words such as tall, taller, tallest, short, shorter, shortest, height, measure. Have fun! (Grown ups, if you want some sunflower pictures to measure, there are some at the bottom of the page.)

Mrs Foster's measuring link:

We look forward to seeing what you have been up, and remember it doesn't have to be what we talk about on here, we love seeing anything you have been doing! 

Have a good day - it looks like the sun is shining again, YAY! Enjoy - love Mrs Foster, Mrs Lawrence, Mrs Leigertwood, Mrs Coombs, Mrs Jones, Mrs Porter and Ms Hammett xxxx



Tuesday 5th May. 

Good morning! We hope you had a lovely day yesterday? There are now two new stories in Story Time - Mrs Foster reading a non-fiction (information) book and Mrs Lawrence reading a story which includes growing! 

Firstly, we would like to say a HUGE thank you from all of us for the lovely Thank You cards! It has made us all very, very happy! We miss you all lots! xxx



Every week, Mrs Leigertwood is going to set you one challenge! Are you ready for it? We hope these challenges make you smile and happy! Have a listen to what you have to do...we can't wait to hear all about it and hopefully see some photos!

Mrs Leigertwood obviously couldn't set you a challenge without trying it at home with her children first! Have a look at how they got on!


Have a good day, love from Mrs Foster, Mrs Lawrence, Mrs Leigertwood, Mrs Coombs, Mrs Porter, Mrs Jones, Ms Hammett xxxx




Monday 4th May

Happy Monday! Today’s date is Monday the 4th of May! Lots of people who love Star Wars say – May the 4th be with you! Which sounds like, ‘May the force be with you!’ We hope you all had a good weekend.

This week we are going to carry on looking at measuring in our maths focus. Today we are looking at measuring time. Time can be measured in days, weeks, months, years. Time can also be measured in something called seconds, minutes and hours – do you know what you can use to measure time using these? Talk about it at home! You will need to find out how to measure a minute for the task today!  

Follow the link to watch the video:

In our reading and writing tasks over the next few weeks, we are going to look at ‘Non-Fiction’. Do you know what non-fiction is? Stories are known as fiction, books that give us information are known as non-fiction. Have a look on story time and listen to Mrs Foster reading a non-fiction book Kasper loves! Today, we are going to ask you to do some investigating and practise reading with your grown-up! We can use books and the Internet to help us find things out. Thinking about growing, we would like you to find out about a food that grows! Choose a food with your grown-up. Mrs Foster and Kasper decided to find out all about an apple and learn how it grows! Watch the videos to see what happened.

Video 1:

Video 2:

As always, do what you and the children are happy to do. We love seeing photos of all the lovely activities the children have been doing at home, so please keep emailing us! ( ) It makes us smile! You can check out what the children have been doing using the tab at the side.

Have a good day, love from Mrs Foster, Mrs Lawrence, Mrs Leigertwood, Mrs Coombs, Mrs Porter, Mrs Jones, Ms Hammett xxxx

Extra: I would also like to remind you that on the Ruth Miskin YouTube page (see side tab for link) they are running daily phonics sessions. Feedback that we’ve had from children and parents is that Rosie is brilliant! Also, at the beginning of term we told you about the White Rose Maths website, which has daily home learning videos and activities to do (see side tab for the link.) It is like they know we have been looking at growing and the Hungry Caterpillar! This week every day is focused around the story. Some of the activities are similar to ones the children have done, but there are some new ones on there too!


Friday 1st May

Wow we are now into May! Can you use your sounds to write May? The clue is there are two sounds and the last sounds are special friends - 'may l play'. 

Today in maths we are revisiting capacity and this time feeling the weight of different capacities.  This is a fun activity for the children to explore and use comparison, measurement language such as heavier, lighter, heaviest, lightest etc. Any materials can be used such as pasta, sand, rice, cotton wool, tissue, water etc. We hope you have fun doing it!

For our English based video we are focusing on sentence structure and asking the children to make sure a sentence makes sense, has all the components it needs and is in the correct order. This is a lovely reading activity for a Friday :-). 


Maths capacity video link:


English sentence structure link:


Picture if you want to have a go at working out my sentence! 





Have fun and have a good weekend! Lots of love Mrs Foster, Mrs Lawrence, Mrs Leigertwood, Mrs Jones, Mrs Coombs, Ms Hammett and Mrs Porter Xxxx

P.S: Another story has been added to Story Time! Enjoy x


Thursday 30th April

Good morning all! Wow you have all been so busy and it is so wonderful to see you having so much fun at home! Today is the last day of April! Do you know which month comes after April? Perhaps see if you can find out! 

Today we love you to think about P.E. Today's focus is on using a large ball, throwing and catching it, rolling it, kicking it, bouncing it and any moving it in a creative way! Maybe if you have a hoop or some cones you could set up your own obstacle course like we do at school! We have listed some ideas below for inspiration and don't forget you can use anything for equipment like tins for cones or a box as a target to kick a ball into. We hope the weather allows you to try this outside :-) 

  • Throw a ball through a target, increasing the distance each time.
  • Catch a ball using both hands, then try with your dominant hand then try with your non-dominant hand.
  • Dribble a ball around cones/tins weaving in and out.
  • Bounce a ball using both hands, then try bouncing use one hand only - have a go with both hands.
  • Bounce a ball on a target such as a 2p on the floor.
  • Roll a ball into a target box from a distance. Can you make the target smaller for an extra challenge? 
  • Can you make the above challenges into an obstacle course? 
  • Can you think of your own challenge?
  • If you would like to challenge yourself further try using a smaller ball for more control skill practise. 

Have fun! Lots of love Mrs Foster, Mrs Lawrence, Mrs Leigertwood, Mrs Jones, Mrs Coombs, Ms Hammett and Mrs Porter Xxxx


Wednesday 29th April

Good morning Honeybees and Ladybirds! We hope you are having a lovely week and splashing in lots of puddles! We are really enjoying your photos and don't forget you can view what your friends have been up to in the 'Your fantastic home activities' tab at the top of this page.

We are still thinking about the caterpillar life cycle and have attached a video to write about the butterfly! Please remember we are all at different stages and any drawings, marks, labels, words or sentences are fantastic - let the children lead what they do. Technology was not our friend today!! What would Mrs Lawrence use at the end of her sentence about a butterfly? Can you remember? Also, grown ups, please refer to the notes on Monday (life cycle task) when looking at what the children could be doing with their sounds when writing. The word 'Caterpillar' could be 'c', 'ctpr', 'catrpilr', 'catirpillir' and so on. 

Butterfly writing video:

For maths we are looking at the caterpillar and measuring things in comparison to it! This is a really fun activity - Mrs Lawrence ran out of play dough so had to think of other materials to make her caterpillar, this may be the case for you too! Anything you can use is great :-) Mrs Lawrence's dog Bodhi was VERY excited about the task...see how he helps in the video! We think you'll enjoy it! 

Caterpillar length video:

We hope you have a good day and send you all big smiles! 

Lots of love Mrs Foster, Mrs Lawrence, Mrs Leigertwood, Mrs Coombs, Mrs Jones, Mrs Porter, Ms Hammett xxx


Tuesday 28th April

Hello lovely Honeybees and Ladybirds! We hope you had a good Monday? The weather looks like rain today...Mrs Foster is thinking of going outside with Kasper and Rudy in wellies, to do some splashing in puddles!! 

We have loved seeing more of your emails and photos! Please keep sending them in! It really makes us smile seeing what you have been up to! 

Today if you have time, we would love you to try helping your grown ups at home to prepare a snack or a picnic/meal. Perhaps you could even do some baking! You could help to set the table or place you are going to eat and as long as a grown up is with you, you could help to cut or prepare the food you are going to eat? Could you help fill any drinks you are having or any bowls of food? 

Do you remember the task the other day where we looked at capacity? When pouring drinks, getting food from packets, filling bowls, or maybe even measuring ingredients if you bake, can you think about capacity? Can you compare any containers you use? Any foods/liquids/ingredients? 

Have fun and take care, lots of love the Honeybee and Ladybird team Xxx


Monday 27th April


So today there is one video to watch of Mrs Foster and if you want, you can create the Life Cycle of a Butterfly! Can you remember the Hungry Caterpillar story? The butterfly starts as an egg, but changes happen to it in between! Can you remember what they are? Watch the video and if you want, have a go at making the Life Cycle of a Butterfly yourself. If you want to share them, we would love to see them!

Grown ups…When looking at the Life Cycle, we want the children to think about the correct sequence of the cycle, seeing if they can remember the order. When it comes to labelling the pictures, please only do what the children want to. Talking about the life cycle or just drawing it is fantastic! If you do label some children will be able to hear the first sound and label the pictures with that, which is great. You can help them to hear other sounds by sounding out the word for them for example: e-gg   We want the children to use the sounds they know, so don’t worry if the spelling isn’t absolutely ‘correct’ or they only hear a few sounds in the word – this is fine. You’ll notice in the video I use the ‘ir’ spelling for the ‘er’ sound in caterpillar. This is because in Set 2 sounds (Read Write Inc) ‘ir’ is the first spelling of that sound they learn. Some children might just hear ‘r’ (For example: catrpillr) For those children that want to write a caption or sentence for a picture, encourage them to use finger spaces. If the children want to write, let them copy the shapes of the letters from the sound mat you should have in your pack if they need to. You can let them trace over your letters too. At the bottom of the page, I have attached a sheet to cut and stick the life cycle on, which you could use or copy when helping or drawing it for the children. Up to you! Do as much or as little as the children and you want, we don’t want the activity to be hard – we want it to be fun!

It makes our day seeing photos of you and reading your emails! Thank you to those who have emailed in. Please send in anything you would like to share to the class email addresses, it doesn’t have to be things we talk about on here, we love hearing about what you have been up to! We miss you all so much!  We have set up a tab where we will share (with your permission) some of the wonderful photos of the children and activities we are getting!

Lots of love Mrs Foster, Mrs Lawrence, Mrs Leigertwood, Mrs Coombs, Mrs Jones, Mrs Porter, Ms Hammett xxx

P.S: Mrs Foster is reading another story over in Story Time! Each, Peach, Pear, Plum!  xxx



Home learning for Friday 24th April

Wow! A whole week has gone and we have loved hearing about your home learning - keep the news coming please to and and we can share some photos online on this page! 


Today in maths we are thinking about butterflies again! The reason for this is so that we can look at doubles .... why do you think doubles are part of being a butterfly? Have a look at the video below to find out.

Maths butterfly doubling link:

In our sounds we are playing a game so that we can practise writing words with two, three and even four sounds in! The following word list is for adults at home to try and draw, show or act out for Honeybees and Ladybirds to say/write the word and sounds in order;

chair, frog, lamp, see, crab, swam, play, toy, sleep.

Sounds link:

Have a fantastic weekend and we look forward to speaking to you through our videos and class email addresses more next week :-) Lots of love from Mrs Foster, Mrs Lawrence, Ms Hammett, Mrs Jones, Mrs Coombs and Mrs Porter. 


Home Learning for Thursday 23rd April

Happy Thursday morning children! We hope you have enjoyed listening to the Very Hungry Caterpillar and talking about how a caterpillar grows and changes in to a butterfly! It’s amazing isn’t it!

Today we would like you to think about butterflies! What do you notice about butterflies? What do you notice about their wings? Can you and your adult at home think of a mathematical word that could describe a butterfly's wings pattern?

If you want to, we would like you to get creative. Why not look outside to see if you can find any flying around and copy their colours and shape. At home we have been trying to create our own butterflies with materials and toys around the house! Mrs Lawrence's son Benjy has created a lego butterfly (picture below) and Mrs Foster had a think about how she could make one using junk modelling materials from around the house! 

Have a look at the video and picture below for ideas, BUT…you can use whatever you like to make a butterfly, or even a caterpillar! Lego, junk modelling, building blocks, pasta pictures, natural materials (sticks, stones), chalks etc…would also make a fantastic butterfly! Give it a go and see if someone can take a photo of your finished piece. We’d love to see them and now you can email them to us!                          

What a fantastic Lego butterfly from Benjy!




We hope you have fun and don't forget if you would like to email us our addresses are: and

Love from us all Xx


(Note for the adults from Mrs Foster: Today I wanted Kasper to help me make a butterfly from junk modelling materials we have in the house. But, he really didn't want to. Instead, he wanted to spend time with me playing in the back garden with his little dinosaurs. So that is what we did! Sometimes children want to take part in activities and sometimes they don't - please don't worry if they don't! We had a good day and Kasper was happy - in this strange time that is far more important.) 


Home Learning for Wednesday 22nd April

Good morning all! We have some more videos for you today with a focus on red words and maths where we will be ordering our days of the week. Please feel free to watch 'The Hungry Caterpillar'  again (link below) as this links with our maths activity and is a great way to remember the days of the week, as we see the amount the caterpillar eats increases with each day! 


Thank you for home learning that has been sent in - we have really enjoyed seeing your lovely learning and it has been so nice to hear from you, we miss you all! (,


Enjoy the sunshine, love from the whole team Xx


Red words video link:


Maths days of the week ordering activity link:


Home Learning for Tuesday 21st April

Good morning Honeybees and Ladybirds! Today we would love you to watch and listen to 'The Hungry Caterpillar' story in the link below. It is a great story that fits really well with our new topic - growing! Before reading the story ask yourself 'where do butterflies come from?'

Then after reading the story you could discuss the following questions with your adults at home;

  • Why is this book part of our growing topic?
  • Who is the story about?
  • What came out of the egg?
  • What was the caterpillar's house called? 
  • What do you notice most about butterflies? 




If you want to keep practising your red words, perhaps try using them in a sentence today - remember your capital letter and full stop if you do! Ruth Miskin is still running daily phonics sessions and if you haven't already, have a look at the video clips on White Rose Home Learning - Early Years. Enjoy the sunshine today and have fun playing :-) 

Don't forget, if you have any learning, news or messages you would like to share please ask your adult to email us as we would love to hear from you! The Honeybee and Ladybird email address's are: and

Take care and keep smiling! Love from Mrs Foster, Mrs Lawrence, Mrs Leigertwood, Mrs Coombs, Mrs Porter, Ms Hammett and Mrs Jones xx


Monday 20th April

Hello Ladybirds and Honeybees! We hope you have all had a good Easter - although it was very different, we hope you had fun and are keeping safe and happy. Before we do anything else, we have to say we are all missing you so, so much! We all wanted to say HELLO!

Hello from Ms Hammett! Here she is enjoying planting in her garden, have any of you planted seeds? 


Hello from Mrs Jones! Here she is with her rabbit. Did you know her rabbit loves to chew on apple tree branches? 




Mrs Coombs says Hello! She is missing you all lots. 


Hello from Mrs Foster, Kasper and Rudy! We have been enjoying the sunshine today, I hope you have too! 






Hello from Mrs Lawrence :-) We miss you lots and hope you are keeping safe and well. 


Hello from Mrs Porter! Here she is enjoying the sunshine with her chickens! 




Mrs Leigertwood says Hello! She is missing you all lots! Here she is playing in the garden! 







Home Learning for today! (20.4.20)

Before Easter we looked at our sounds, today we are going to look at RED words! Remember, these are words we cannot use our sounds to read. In your home learning pack, you should have a sheet with many red words on. If not, on the video with Mrs Foster, there are words you can use on there. Lots of practise will help you learn these. You could try and learn to spell them as a challenge too! Can you use them in sentences? 

YouTube link:

Today's Maths is a fun CAPACITY activity. We haven't looked at the word capacity before, but we have played lots with sand and water and had fun filling different containers! We want you to start to compare how much different containers can hold and think about which container can hold the most/least. 

YouTube link:

More stories have been added to Story Time for you to enjoy...come back tomorrow too for a story from Mrs Lawrence!

We miss you! Keep safe and well, love from Mrs Foster, Mrs Lawrence, Mrs Leigertwood, Mrs Coombs, Mrs Porter, Ms Hammett and Mrs Jones xx



Friday 3rd April

Happy Easter holidays Honeybees and Ladybirds! We hope that you will have a fantastic time at home relaxing and playing with your families. For our last day of term we have attached the last two sounds from RWI Speed Set 2 for you to look at if you wish (there is a special appearance from Mrs Lawrence's dog!) Below are some green words with today's sounds for anyone who would like to try! 

'ou' and 'oy' YouTube link:

ou: ouch, pouch, scout, south.

oy: joy, soy, boys, toys.

Here is a fun maths activity you could do with ordering by size:

Think about the words - tall, short, small, big, long, height, length, order, size

We won’t be setting home learning over the Easter holidays. However, we have created some fun activities you could complete in the holiday. You can download it at the bottom of this page. Home learning from the last two weeks will still remain on our class pages, should you wish to access it. 

Our topic next term is growing, watch the video and if you want start to talk about growing over the Easter holidays. Maybe you can spot things that grow in your house or if you go for a walk?

We miss you! Keep safe and well, love from Mrs Foster, Mrs Lawrence, Mrs Leigertwood, Mrs Coombs, Mrs Porter, Ms Hammett and Mrs Jones xx

Thank you again for the delivery of treats from Reception parents, it is appreciated more than you know! xx


Thursday 2nd April.

It’s Thursday! Two whole weeks have passed since we’ve all been together in school, we miss you so, so much! We hope you are all keeping safe and well, being kind to everyone at home and enjoying playing. Have you spotted any signs of Spring yet? I saw some lambs in the field yesterday, it made me smile!

Today’s challenge is a different one…we get changed for and from PE lessons twice a week. Could you practise getting changed? Choose maybe a fancy dress costume, or pick some clothes to create a funky outfit! Remember to put your clothes in a neat pile, otherwise they can get mixed up! You could challenge yourself and even use a timer to try and beat your time!

Jumpers are VERY tricky. We are not expecting you to be able to do it yourself, but every little helps! 

Love from Mrs Foster, Mrs Lawrence, Mrs Leigertwood, Mrs Coombs, Mrs Porter, Ms Hammett and Mrs Jones xx


Wednesday 1st April. 

Happy first of the month! April is here, the fourth month of the year - 1/4/2020. When you are out in your garden, or if you can get out doing your daily exercise, see if you can spot some signs of Spring!

There are two new videos today. One is a phonics one, looking at the sounds air and ir. See if you can think of any words with those sounds in, I've drawn some pictures for you to guess in the video!

air: fair, stair, air, chair

ir: bird, girl, third, dirt

The maths activity is looking at take away (subtraction/less than). It's a fun practical activity and will help you practise your counting too!

We hope you have been having lots of fun doing what you enjoy. Have some of you been playing with your cars? Drawing? Building? Singing and dancing? Role play? Puzzles?  


Tuesday 31st March

Happy Tuesday! Hello to all our Ladybirds and Honeybees. All the team in the EYFS are missing you all lots. We hope you are all keeping well.

There’s been lots of things to keep you busy over the last week, so today spend some time going back over some of the tasks you liked doing.

Spend some time doing what you love – being outside, messy play, drawing, painting, building, junk modelling, cutting/sticking, or playing with your favourite toys!

Have you made a rainbow yet to put in your window? We have here and I can see 2 from my front door!

Please remember these tasks are just suggestions of activities that you can do during your time at home. There is no expectation. This is a strange time for us all and everything feels a little out of the ordinary! Please just do what you are able and happy to do, when you have the time.

In the EYFS the children don’t sit for a long time completing tasks. Children learn best through play and the interactions they have. 


Monday 30th March

Happy Monday Honeybees and Ladybirds! 

Below are links to two new videos, with activities for you to do if you wish. The maths is looking at our part, part, whole model and seeing how many ways we can make a number/total. There are two new sounds to look at too. See if you can think of any words together which have the sounds in. There are some green words you can practise reading at home using the sounds:

ar (start the car) - far, bar, star, bark, dark, march.

or (shut the door) - for, port, cork, fork, torch, storm, . 

We hope you have fun, whatever you choose to do. We are missing you lots and hope you are having lots of fun at home xxx

Part, part, whole video link:

ar and or video link:


Friday 27th March. 

Happy Friday! Make sure you check out the side tab under Ladybird Class, where there is a link to Mrs Leigertwood reading a story for you to listen to! She is missing you all too. 

Below are links to two new videos, with activities for you to try if you wish. The maths is looking at patterns, I'm sure you can create lots of interesting patterns with things around your home! There are two new sounds to look at too. See if you can think of any words together which have the sounds in. There are some green words you can practise reading at home using the sounds:

oo (poo at the zoo!) - moon, spoon, soon, food, room, zoo, shoot. 

oo (look at a book) - look, book, cook, foot, shook, took. 

We hope you have a good weekend :) We are missing you all xxx

Patterns Video link:

oo and oo Video link


Thursday 26th March.

Happy Thursday! Aren't we so lucky with this lovely sunshine? I hope you have all managed to get outside and enjoy it. 

You have lots to get on with and we'll be posting some more videos tomorrow, but if you want an activity to do today, an area in the EYFS is 'Expressive Arts and Design'. As part of this we look for the children to:

- Use movement to express feelings.

- Create movement in response to music.

- Enjoy joining in with dancing and ring games.

- Sing a few familiar songs.

- Begin to move rhythmically and imitate movement in response to music.

You could spend some time listening to different types of music/songs and dancing to it! Take the children's lead and copy what they do! Does different music make them want to move differently? Sing some familiar songs together and perhaps choose a new song to learn! 


Wednesday 25th March UPDATE

Hello everybody! Please see the photo below of our junk modelling creation! Can you guess the theme? l also found another 3d shape for the roof of my tower -can you find out what the shape is called? We look forward to hearing all about your creations! 

Wednesday 25th March

We hope you are all well, we had a go at PE with Joe Wicks this morning, did you? It was great fun!

Please have a look at the following videos ... Mrs Lawrence had the help of her sons who made a fantastic camera crew! We hope you enjoy making creations and looking at 3D shapes and here are some green words you could try reading using the sounds 'igh' 'ow'. 

sigh high night sight flight bright 

bow low row crow glow throw 

















Tuesday 24th March. 

We hope your first day at home has been good and you have enjoyed the sunshine. 

Great news! Ruth Miskin, creator of Read Write Inc, is running daily phonics lessons for children who are learning to read using RWI! 
They are scheduling Read Write Inc. Phonics lessons on Facebook and YouTube for children to watch at home, these will be available for 24 hours after being shown. 
They are releasing three short Speed Sound lessons with one of their trainers every day for the next two weeks.
The films will be available at the times below and then for 24 hours after. 

  • Set 1 Speed Sounds at 9.30 am
  • Set 2 Speed Sounds at 10.00 am
  • Set 3 Speed Sounds at 10.30 am 

They will also release a film of a teacher reading a poem for Reception and Year 1 children to join in with at 2:00pm every day. The poems will be available to watch again and again on YouTube.
Parents can sign up to either Read Write Inc Facebook page  or their YouTube channel


Monday 23rd March. 

Please have a look at the following you will see working from home has gone well!!! I hope you enjoy playing the maths game and here are some green words you could try reading using the sounds 'ay' 'ee'. play may say day way spray      see been seen three green sleep










Spelling Bee!

Well done to all the children who spent time learning to spell the words. We held the Spelling Bee and the children were put in to teams of 4. The children worked as a team to spell the words that were read out. The teachers read out words to spell until a winning team was left! 

We are so proud of all the children for learning to spell the words. Thank you for spending time with them to do so. We are already seeing the spellings in their writing and phonics!



People Who Help Us! Fire Fighters. 

On Tuesday 25th February, the children in Ladybird and Honeybee Class were very lucky to have a visit from Jon, a firefighter. He taught us all about how to stay safe around fire and how to be safe at home. We learned what to do if there is a fire and learned different chants to help us remember!

Get Out, Stay Out, Call 999

Matches, lighters, do not touch, they can hurt us very much. 

We also got to look round a real Fire Engine! We all got to have a go at squirting the water using the hose. 

Thank you to Jon and the Hamworthy Fire Fighters who came to visit!


'Healthy Me' Week

As part of 'Healthy Me' week we have had a visit from the nurse to discuss hand washing and how to keep our hands healthy, we have also had a visit from our first aid team and we even had a go at applying bandages to Mr Bear and ourselves! The children have also been extremely active and have raised money by taking part in a sponsored Julia's House mile run. Thank you to everyone who has sponsored the Honeybees and well done to them all!

Stay and Play 

Thank you to all who attended 'Stay and Play' as part of our wellbeing and 'Healthy Me' week. The children had a great time sharing with you all what it means to be healthy! We especially enjoyed making fruit kebabs, exercising whilst counting repetitions at our maths school station and creating observational drawings of real fruit and vegetables. Well done to the Honeybees for being so healthy! 

Early Years Reading Meeting

Thank you to all who could attend the Key Stage 1 and Early Years Reading Meeting. If you have questions about the Reading folder and pack, please see Mrs Lawrence! Resources from the meeting can be found at the bottom of the page or on the Phonics/RWI section of the Website. 


Christmas Stay and Play 

Thank you to all that could join us for the Christmas themed Stay and Play on Monday. The children all enjoyed making crafts and we hope you did too!


The children are really enjoying the Christmas week at school.


Children in Need

For our Children in Need day this year we joined in with the sporty activities and followed Joe Wick's movement work out live with the rest of the country! Well done everyone for being so active and wearing such fantastic sport outfits! We hope this inspired you to keep leading an active lifestyle. Thank you for all your support and the monies raised for such a fantastic charity!



Videos for our sounds are now LIVE! These will be updated weekly. Please click on the tab 'Our Sounds (RWI)' to watch them...enjoy! If you complete any work at home, we would love the children to share it with us in school. 

Handouts and the presentations from the Reading and Mathematics meeting, held on Tuesday 8th October, are now at the bottom of the class page. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to speak to Mrs Foster or Mrs Lawrence. 

Sounds (phonics)

The children have been learning new sounds, which will help them learn to read and write! 

So far, we have learned m, a, s, d, t, i, n, p

The children learn rhymes to help them write the sounds. For example, 'down Maisie, mountain, mountain.'

More information will be given at the Reading and Mathematics meeting next week (Tuesday 8th October) and watch this space for videos of the teachers, showing you how it's done!


Our WOW Wall is looking amazing!

Thank you for all the Wows so far. We love reading them! 

Our First Week

The children have had a great first week settling into morning routines including snack time, play time and exploring our lovely classroom! Well done Honeybees for coming into school independently and finding your peg and tray! We are all very proud of the Reception children. 

New Beginnings...

The whole of the EYFS Team are very excited to welcome the children in to school on Monday 9th September! We hope everyone has had a wonderful summer break and we look forward to hearing all about it soon! 


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