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Merlin - YEAR 6

Welcome to Merlin 2023-24

Meet the Team 

Miss Longworth -
Class teacher

Mrs Blake
Mrs Talbot -
Teaching Assistant
Mrs Blake - 
Maths Specialist











Year Six Smash the SATS 

After months of preparation, the children of Year 6 have taken their SATS.  Over the week, they were tested in grammar, reading and maths.  Each morning, before the tests, the children attended a SATS Breakfast Club put on by the staff of LMPS.  A delicious breakfast of fruit, cereals, croissants and juice was available, and the children chatted with their friends as the staff served them.  The manners of the children were commented on by the staff: the children were so polite and positive. Mr Vernon and Miss Longworth then led the children in a Wake and Shake routine to get their blood pumping.   Mr Vernon then spoke to the children to just relax and to do their best.  Although the tests were very  challenging, the children remained calm and confident.  They impressed their teachers and the rest of the staff with their resilience and determination.  After the last test, the children and staff were treated to a delicious ice cream from Ice-Cream Bournemouth.  Thank you, Mr Ferrett!!!!  The staff at LMPS feel privileged to work with Y6 – we are so proud of them – they definitely smashed the SATS!



World Book Day 

We had lots of fun dressing up as our favourite book characters. We also had a great day doing a range of activities that linked to books, including performing scenes from Macbeth.




D&T Day Designing and Building Bridges

We researched the best bridges and from that research, we designed and then built a bridge using a range of materials. We then had to se if it could withstand a toy car driving over it. We had lots of fun researching these as it links closely to our Victorian Topic and learning about Isambard Kingdom Brunel who built the first iron bridge. Take a look at some of our work!


A Pudding for the Chimney Sweep - 2023 Y6 Christmas production

It's Christmas in a Victorian town.  The rich Mortimer family have no idea of the poverty and suffering of the workers in their own factory, Mortimer's Mill, where the crooked manager, Gradshaw, is lining his own pockets at the workers' expense.  But then the Mortimer children meet Jim, the little chimney sweep, and a diamond tiara goes missing.  Meanwhile at Perkins' Pie Shop, the rent is overdue.  Quiqley, the rent collector, threatens Mrs Perkins and her gaggle of orphans with the workhouse.   But one of the orphans has inherited a secret recipe; 'the finest Christmas puddings ever tasted!'  It's not long before everyone in town wants to buy a pudding!   Poor Jim is asked to steal the recipe but when he hides at the factory, he leads the Mortimer family  to the truth.  The bad guys are sent off to jail, Mrs Perkins makes enough pies to keep the bakery and feed the orphans and the Mortimers adopt Jim the Chimney Sweep (who finally gets his own pudding).   Amidst all the action, Y6 sing  and dance to traditional Christmas carols.  They have done a fantastic job - from acting, dancing, singing and stage crew - they have impressed us all. We are so proud of their performances and the way they have worked together to create an amazing show!


2024 Calendars

Festive fun has begun in Merlin! We had a great morning designing calendars for 2024 using finger painting. We are super proud of them 😊


Victorian Evening


Thank you to everyone who attended our Victorian evening on the 20th of November. It was great to share all the fantastic learning, projects and drama the children have been working so hard on.

The costumes were great, you could tell who the rich Victorians were and who the poor Victorians were. Some boys wore jackets and top hats and some girls wore beautiful silk dresses.  Other children had coal on their faces and were dressed as chimney sweeps. 



Children in Need 2023 

BBC Children in Need is here to make sure that every child has the childhood they deserve – and the support they need to thrive. Today, not only have we raised lots of money and had some fun, but we spoke about the importance of all children being safe and given more equal opportunities to flourish.



DogsTrust Workshop 

On Tuesday, Year Six became 'Dog Detectives!' for an exciting and fascinating workshop delivered by the DogsTrust. We learnt lots of useful tips on how to behave safely around dogs. Did you know that dogs don't like hugs? Hugs are for humans! Dogs prefer to snuggle up to you instead. We also learnt that if a dog is running up to us, we should throw away any food or toys we are holding, cross our arms over our chest and look away.

A fantastic workshop enjoyed by all!



Invasion Games 

The children were amazing during PE. Their task was to, in groups of eight to ten, design a new invasion game to include:

  • attacking/invading;
  • defending/protecting;
  • a scoring system;
  • teamwork

Keep working hard Merlins! 





Meet the Teacher

Thank you so much to those of you who attended Meet the Teacher. It was so lovely to see so many faces. We have attached the Powerpoint that was shown; if you have any more questions, please don't hesitate to contact us, either through the office, or our class email:

History Timeline

Before we started our Topic, we worked as a year group to order key historical events and discussed the impact they have had.

Welcome to Year 6!

We are very excited to welcome to start our journey in Year 6! We hope you all had a fabulous summer and that you are excited to be back in school. Some days will be tough; however, we know that we will be able to preserve and have a great year. We will be sharing some of your amazing learning on here :) 

E-Safety - When People’s Posts are Getting You Down

Being on social media can be fun, but looking at others' seemingly perfect pics and posts can leave you feeling a bit low. You might even feel like you are constantly comparing your online life to other people’s.

Here’s what Dr Aaron says...

When looking at other people’s pictures, it can be easy to think they’re all doing great, and you’re the only one that worries about how you look or feel. The thing is, everyone feels like that now and then – you just can’t tell that by only looking at their social media.

People tend to put their best selves forward and often hide all their other insecure parts. This can give the rest of us the impression that we’re the only ones who feel this way. It’s just not true!

It’s also super important to remember that social media platforms like Instagram are about image. Many famous people’s feeds are promotional. This means they get paid for making products look good. Photos can also be messed around with. People can be made slimmer, skin can seem smoother, and body parts can get bigger and smaller! So remember, often you could be comparing yourself to something impossible.



Remote Learning - Day 1

Maths- WALT answer short division questions

Y6 Autumn Block 2 TS9 Short division on Vimeo Video link

Please see PDF link for questions and answers


English – WALT answer vocabulary questions

In this lesson we will be reading ‘The dragons are hiding poem’ and answering vocabulary questions.

Please find the poem and questions attached below.


Spelling – WALT use the suffixes –ible and –able

To investigate suffixes: -ible and -able (


History – WALT identify the causes of the First World War

In this lesson, we will be learning about the events leading up to the First World War. This will involve understanding the unification of Germany in the nineteenth century, and taking a look at the MAIN factors which set the conditions for the Great War: militarism, imperialism, alliances and nationalism.

What caused the First World War to break out? (


Remote Learning - Day 2

Maths- WALT find square and cube numbers

Y6 Autumn Block 2 TS6 Square and cube numbers on Vimeo – video link

Questions and answers below


English – WALT read and understand Charles Dickens

Text and questions below


SPaG – WALT answer question

Choose a SPAG activity and complete


French – WALT to describe ourselves

Lesson: Saying your name, age and birthday and describing yourself | KS2 French | Oak National Academy (


Music – WALT recognise the melody

Recognising melody (