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Ofsted Report


The following extract has been taken from the report:

"This is a good school because...

  • 􏰀The headteacher and senior leaders show considerable determination and commitment in driving improvement in a highly coordinated way.

  • 􏰀The governors know the school very well.  They are very thorough in challenging the school leaders to ensure their responsibilities are carried out with great professionalism and attention to detail.

  • 􏰀Pupils’ attitudes are consistently positive in lessons and contribute very well to their learning. Pupils are well prepared for the next stage of education.

  • 􏰀Pupils are extremely well behaved, polite and have excellent manners. They feel very safe and are exceptionally well cared for by all the staff.

  • 􏰀Staff demonstrate outstanding relationships and the children follow this example exceedingly well.

  • 􏰀Work in books shows that pupils have great pride in what they do. They are taught well and benefit from skilful interventions and good questioning from their teachers.

  • The school provides all the pupils with a rich, nurturing school environment in which to grow and develop well as British citizens.

  • Pupils achieve well in reading, writing and mathematics, particularly in Key Stage 1. Their improving progress is leading to rising results in Key Stage 2.

  • Pupils make excellent progress in the early years because planning is very focused. They leave Reception very well prepared for Year 1.

  • The school curriculum provides exciting and engaging topics which staff plan carefully to provide enjoyable and challenging learning activities which support good achievement.

  • Disadvantaged pupils, while small in number, are now achieving much better than they were prior to this year, particularly in mathematics. Teachers are keenly aware of these pupils’ needs, and provide well for them."