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Project Platinum & Bronze Ambassadors

Bronze Ambassadors

Welcome to the Bronze Ambassadors for the year. They are a mixture of Year 5 and 6 children who have been trained to support the development of PE within the school. They are really excited to share their visions across the school. As Bronze Ambassadors, they feel it is their duty to share their love for sports and ļ¬tness through encouraging others, supporting all children in all sports and helping the children and staff to run excellent sporting events. 

Bronze Ambassadors 2022 - 2024
Bronze Ambassadors 2021 - 2023

The children feel it is important to be a role model to others by not only striving for their best in sport but also across the whole curriculum. With this, the children are exemplar with their behaviour, attitudes to learning and to each other! 

Their visions are:

  • To encourage everyone to participate in physical activity
  • To give everyone the opportunity of physical activity for an average of 30 minutes a day
  • To provide a wide range of sporting events with a variety of skills and techniques

Project Platinum

We have been working extremely hard to achieve Platinum with our School Games Mark, however, with COVID, this has been on hold. However, we are very excited to have achieved it this year! Check out School Games Mark to see how we have done it. 

Bronze Ambassadors wanted to enable all children to engage in beneficial activities to develop their engagement in physical activity on a regular basis, As the new guidelines state that every child should be active for an average of 60 minutes per day, their idea was to run 2 different half termly activities for each year group, with 3 different levels to each of them. Each year group has their colour that they are aiming for; Year 3 is Bronze, Year 4 is Silver, Year 5 is Gold and Year 6 is Platinum. They have the opportunity to practise and develop their skill at least 5 times a week during the days that they do not have PE. This allows learning without limits and offers the chance for all children to be successful. They also wanted to provide opportunities during break times for children to be more active. 

Children will be recognised for their achievements during half termly assemblies, where the new skills will also be demonstrated.



Shuttle Run



**Home Learning Project Platinum Challenge**

To ensure that we are keeping active through these times, we have created weekly challenges for you and your family to complete! They will incorporate different skills for fitness and techniques, using equipment around your own homes.

There will be different levels within each category (Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum). What can you achieve? Can you beat other members of you family?

Let the competition begin!

Please send pictures or videos of you completing the activities to so we can share what you have been doing.

Challenge 1 - Sock Agility Ladder Run

Can you complete the challenge and see what you can achieve? Who can achieve the best out of your household! Send pictures or videos to and these will be put on the PE Webpage.

You will need:

· 6 socks

· A timer

· A4 piece of paper, landscape (to measure distance between socks).

Measure your 6 socks to be equal distances apart from each other (use your piece of paper to measure).


Practise running in between the socks as quick as you can. Running one way and turn around to come back counts as 1 run.

Ask someone to time you for 30 seconds.
How many can you do? What level can you achieve?





Straight Run (Quick Steps, 1 foot in between each section)


Level 1 - 4 or below

Level 2 - 5 or over

2 Foot Run (Quick Steps, 2 feet in between each section)


Level 1 - 3 or below

Level 2 - 4 or over

Straight Run (Quick Steps, 1 foot in between each section, forwards and come back backwards)


Level 1 - 4 or below

Level 2 - 5 or over

2 Foot Run (Quick Steps, 2 feet in between each section, forwards and come back backwards)


Level 1 - 3 or below

Level 2 - 4 or over

Good luck!

Home Learning Project Platinum Challenge

The Bronze Ambassadors have created a challenge for you all to complete! There are different levels which you can achieve - working from Bronze all the way to Platinum! 

The challenge is attached below for you to complete. Good luck!


This half term the children will be developing their tennis rallies and shuttle runs. See the skills that you need to achieve your skill in the files below.