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Swan - YEAR 4


    Welcome to Swans!

Hello Swans, 

You may have noticed that the webpage looks slightly different! 

For all set Home Learning daily activities please visit the 'Home Learning' tab on the right hand side of the page or above in the 'In this section' if you are using a mobile device. 

Watch this space for examples of work that have been emailed to us at .

Mrs Gould and Mrs Dunn :)


Here is a selection of Home Learning that has been completed by some members of Swan Class!


Here are some of the fantastic non-chronological reports we received about Rainforest animals. Great work!!


Coatis are from Mexico, they are members of the raccoon family.  In the wild they live 7 to 8 years.  


Coatis have white markings on their faces and light brown fur on their bodies. 

They have bear paws to help them climb trees and long stripy, bushy tails to provide balance.  Coatis have double jointed limbs for sliding down trees head first. They have long noses, small ears and sharp teeth.  Adult coatis are 33 to 69cm and males are bigger than females. 


Coatis look for food on the floor level but they sleep and give birth in the trees. 


Coatis eat food such as nuts, fruit, seeds, insects, birds’ eggs and small reptiles. 

Fantastic facts 

Pumas, jaguars and snakes all attack coatis. Coatis chirp, snort and grunt to communicate. They are like us because they sleep at night.  Females live together and their groups are called bands, but males live on their own.  Coatis like digging and climbing. 





























Egyptian Day

Year 4 had a brilliant Egyptian day this week! We had a lot of fun putting on a play all about Ned and his journey to Ancient Egypt. The children worked really hard to learn their lines and put on a super play with lots of giggles!




Bird Watching

On 17th October year 4 were lucky enough to visit Poole Harbour. Supported by the charity "Friends of Poole Harbour" we spent the morning bird watching on board a boat. We travelled around Brownsea Island and learnt about our amazing wildlife. A massive thank you to Mr Paul Morton who shared his knowledge of the bird life with us and the crew who looked after us.









Swan Roman Legionaries

Roman legionary training!!  In Swan class this afternoon we had lots of fun training to be Roman legionaries. We practised our marching and formations. Can you spot the 'Orb', 'Wedge' and 'Tortoise'? We also tried some mock hand to hand combat. 




Welcome to Year 4 Parents Meeting

Thank you to all the parents who came to our Welcome Meeting.

It was fantastic to meet so many of you and the

children were very excited about your visit.